SPin society

fundraisER ride

Saturday July 14th 1pm

spin society theme ride: fiesta fever!! 

Put on your best FIESTA  attire and get ready for a heart pounding, 50 min dance party…on a spin bike.

Led by one of Vancouver’s top spin instructors, Lucy Ulmer, this class will be jam packed full of fun, sweat, smiles and of course…dancing.

No matter your level of experience, everyone is welcome.  The crew at Spin Society leads with “yes” and will make you believe anything is possible…Even a couple of dudes riding a couple of mountain bikes from Banff to New Mexico in under 30 days!

The best part! 100% of proceeds from this ride will go directly to Shorten the Divide which will help get them closer to their goal to raise $100,000 enabling 10 kids to go through the Take A Hike Program next year.

So book your bike, donate to this incredible cause and we will see you on July 14th for one epic ride.


RIDE BY DONATION – Online HERE or Cash box at the door ($15 min)

DATE:  July 14th

TIME: 1pm-2pm

LOCATION: 1332 Granville Street

COST: By donation $15 min

Spin Society Downtown

About LUCY

Imagine actually looking forward to your workout. Enter Lucy Ulmer. Hailing from New York City, Spin Society’s Master Instructor knows what the hustle is really about. On the bike, Lucy brings the heat. She lights a fire within you that you didn’t even know you had. Her rides makes you want to work harder, smile bigger, and say HELL YEAH! Off the bike she can be found running around the city teaching at different studios and keeping that endorphin high going. Or she’s crushing donuts at Lucky’s. End of list.

Spin Society isn’t where Lucy works. It’s her home. It’s her life. You can see her passion every time she clips in and it reminds you why you came to the studio. Expect energy, expect sweat, oh, and expect Odesza. Lots of Odesza.

Is your bike booked yet? I’m waiiiiiting.” – Lucy

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