Thank you so much for coming to the Morning Priming Event event this morning with me in support of Shorten The Divide.

After covering all of the SWAVERS topics, you might be thinking, holly sh*t how do I implement all of this.

The answer is simple. Don’t.

We talked about Silence, Water, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading & Scribe as a starting point to get your juices flowing. Not to commit to all of them.

Find one that makes sense to you, and just start there for 40 days.

Geoff and I are still $30k short of our $75k goal to make this ride what it deserves to be, your help is so powerful and we are beyond grateful to have you on board.

We are in need of another 20 subscribers to lock in our YouTube Channel name/url. Please help us by subscribing and hitting that bell button!

If you could share our journey with your friends and family we would be beyond stoked!

Much Love,

Geoff, Cam & Crew @ Shorten The Divide