How to Create YOUR Morning Priming Routine

with Cam MacDougall

Thursday July 19th  6am – 9am

How to Create Your Morning Priming Routine

The goal of this workshop is to help you foster a consistent practice that primes you every single morning to do the things you truly want to accomplish.

Everyday brings with it a new list of things we want to accomplish from goals and dreams to our work, fitness, nutrition and relationships. 

A lot of the time we jump right into the day without taking time to set ourselves up for success and feel like we’ve failed before our feet even hit the floor and

Cam MacDougall will lead you through a numbers of sections including mediation, self love, visualization, exercise (yes come ready to get a sweat on) reading and journaling all with the intention that you walk away with your very own customized Morning Priming Routine.

Small bites and Coffee provided…don’t worry, we got you!

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July 19th 2018




RYU – 1745 West 4th



By donation of $15 (min)

RYU 4th Ave

About Cam

Personal trainer, chef, entrepreneur and lover all things awesome, Cam is no stranger to the grind. From a competitive athlete, to a financial executive, Cam has spent his whole life understanding energy and how to build it when it is needed. “Showing up to work is the same thing as showing up to a competition, you have to be on and ready to tackle whatever comes your way”. Cam has thrived in many fast paced, stressful environments and awards his success to priming his state and starting each day with the same traditions learnt from the world’s best a brightest.

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